Monday, November 9, 2009

While getting Arceus...

Today we went to Toys R Us to get our free Pokemon Arceus. As we walked in the door a man walked in at the same time, coming to do the same thing. We went to the gaming area together and he walked us through getting our Pokemon. Then Ari struck up a conversation with him. This is the part of the conversation I understood:

Ari: "Hey Dude, do you have Uxie?"
Man: "Yah"
Ari: "Do you have the blue plates?"
Man: "Yah, I totally put them on, that was so cool."

Then they totally lost me. I have no idea who Uxie is or what the blue plates do but apparently Ari does and can have an intelligent conversation about it. I love those times when I recognize that I am the most ignorant person in earshot about a topic, it reminds me "educated" is a relative term.

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