Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad Fashion

On Monday I took Ari to the doctor to make sure she did not have strep. We went to a new physician as our regular family doctor was booked solid. I really liked this doctor. She was friendly, asked Ari questions, and totally understood that Ari was her client, not me. After we left I wanted to check in with Ari and see what her impression was.
Me: Ari how did you like Doctor Peterson
Ari: Well, she was nice but those glasses have got to go.
Me: Oh, you did not like her glasses but other than that she is okay
Ari: Yes, those glasses were bad fashion mom. Kind of like that shirt you are wearing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One more for old times

When Ari was 2 she walked up to me one day and said, "Mom, I'm Buddha"

Do you know?

Once again this is an old story that I do not want to lose. A little background information is necessary to really get the feel of this story.

When Ari was learning her colors I would sometimes go in to teachy mode and quiz her. I would point at an object and say, "Ari what color is this." To which she would either ignore me or say the wrong color. I thought this was an interesting pattern of hers. I knew she knew what colors were what so why I even did this is kind of perplexing.

When Ari was around 3 I decided I needed to find her a preschool. So I took her to look around at a private preschool that I was interested in. We took a tour of the school and met some students. Then we went back to the counselors office to talk. This particular school had a requirement of IQ testing and the counselor proceeded to give Ari a verbal IQ test.

The test was set up like this. The woman put objects of various colors on the table. Then she would ask Ari to pint to an object of a certain color. Here is how the test went down.

Counselor: "Point to the object that is red."
Ari: Points
Counselor: "Point to the object that is yellow."
Ari: Stops- looks up at the woman and very questioningly asks, "Do you know?"

Ari could not figure out why in the world this woman would ask her to point out which object was which if she already knew. It went downhill from there. Ari was unwilling to be quizzed much like she always had been at home. The woman said something about her lack of maturity, which I at the time took very personally and of course it proved that I was the worst parent ever.

Out of the mouth of babes

Yesterday we went to visit some friends who live a pretty good distance from our house. Upon pulling in to the drive way Ari said, "Mina we are here." To which Mina(2) replied, "Oh, it's a dream come true."

All you need is love

Ari: "You know mom I was in the car with dad one day and there was this song, (in sing song) All you need is love." But mom that is not really true. You need food too."

Me: "So what you are telling me is that you do not think the song is realistic?"

Ari: "Yes, you need food, and a place to sleep, and clothes mom."

Me: "But after those things you think love is the next important thing."

Ari: "Yes mom I do."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lost in Translation

Last night we were driving home from Utah County after spending the day with family. I was sort of lost in my own thoughts, Mina was asleep, and Ari was playing Pokemon on her Nintendo DS. I was not really listening to her but Ari was singing. For some reason I thought I would try to understand what she was singing.

Song #1
I smell like a sound
A leaf on the ground
I'm on the hunt I'm after you
I drop like a pound
a leaf on the ground
and I'm hungry like the wolf

Song #2
Oh Oh Oh changing love
Oh oh oh changing love

Two things are very clear. Like her mother she just makes up lyrics when she cannot understand what is being said and we probably should listen to something besides the 80's on CD. Song #1 Hungry Like the Wolf and Song #2 Tainted Love by Soft Cell

When I grow up...

This story is old but I have to record it before I am some day senile and cannot remember just how funny Ari was. When Ari was around 3 we were watching Dora the Explorer. Dora was playing soccer. Ari said, "Mom, when I grow up I want to play soccer. I really do not remember what I said but I am sure it was some kind of affirmative comment.
Later that afternoon we were walking down the street with a neighbor girl, M. I said, "Hey M ask Ari what she wants to be when she grows up." To which M of course complied and said, "Hey Ari what do you want to be when you grow up." Without hesitation Ari said, "Evil." Now exactly what does one say to that? So I pressed for some more information and inquired, "I thought you wanted to be a soccer player." The response, "Well, first I want to be evil, then I will play soccer."


Ari: You know mom ants can carry very heavy weights but they have no hands. How does that work?

Me: ummm- I have never even thought about it- but lets look it up

The answer is mandibles. Ants also do not have grasping forelegs and carry every thing around in their mouths. That is amazing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A new twist on an old game.

We here at the Niedermeyer house are sort of creative when it comes to playing games. We like to mix old ones with new things and see what happens. If you have not tried the game I am about to teach you, you will be shocked at how much fun it is. The girls and I had a rousing game of toilet paper roll tag the other night. The specialized equipment necessary for this game is: more than 1 person, toilet paper rolls with toilet paper still on them, and an area or room where you cannot break anything. Basically, you play the game the same way as you play tag except you throw the toilet paper roll at each other. Really no one is ever "it" so maybe it is more of a toilet paper roll fight. Enjoy with caution and get an adults permission first :).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 6 1/2 Ari

I love the things that come out of the mouths of kids. For Ari's half birthday we went to McDonalds- I tried to contain my enthusiasm. :) As she was getting out of the car, she looked around, and said, "By the looks of the parking lot I will be making some new friends in a jiffy."

Why am I here again?

Oh yah, cuz I missed blogging and I liked my old blog name. Woot- no one took the name while I was MIA.