Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do you know?

Once again this is an old story that I do not want to lose. A little background information is necessary to really get the feel of this story.

When Ari was learning her colors I would sometimes go in to teachy mode and quiz her. I would point at an object and say, "Ari what color is this." To which she would either ignore me or say the wrong color. I thought this was an interesting pattern of hers. I knew she knew what colors were what so why I even did this is kind of perplexing.

When Ari was around 3 I decided I needed to find her a preschool. So I took her to look around at a private preschool that I was interested in. We took a tour of the school and met some students. Then we went back to the counselors office to talk. This particular school had a requirement of IQ testing and the counselor proceeded to give Ari a verbal IQ test.

The test was set up like this. The woman put objects of various colors on the table. Then she would ask Ari to pint to an object of a certain color. Here is how the test went down.

Counselor: "Point to the object that is red."
Ari: Points
Counselor: "Point to the object that is yellow."
Ari: Stops- looks up at the woman and very questioningly asks, "Do you know?"

Ari could not figure out why in the world this woman would ask her to point out which object was which if she already knew. It went downhill from there. Ari was unwilling to be quizzed much like she always had been at home. The woman said something about her lack of maturity, which I at the time took very personally and of course it proved that I was the worst parent ever.

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