Sunday, October 10, 2010


He he- I just could not use my date convention when numerically the day is so unique :) A friend on WoW pointed out this morning that in binary the date today added up to 42, therefore we should spend the rest of the day quoting The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Of course, I have never read the book but because I live with an uber nerd I happen to know that the answer to all questions in the universe according to the book is 42. So there you go.

Friday I took the girls to The Museum of Ancient Life. I had not known that it was the largest dinosaur museum in the world, wow. While browsing the galleries and reading the signs to my daughters an interesting feeling came over me. Although we as humans have much more advanced brains, create, use words, and many other things we are not much different than these ancient, extinct creatures. We have only a small amount more control over our environment than they did. The meteor that wiped them out completely would have been unforeseeable and unchangeable. Although a modern human might be able to detect a huge meteor coming at the planet, there is a possibility that there would be nothing one could do to stop it. And every piece of matter that made up the dinosaurs, every molecule, is a kind of molecule I have inside my own skin. It kind of put things in to perspective for me. Although human beings are a creative and incredible work of nature we are also an insignificant spec in the history of living things. It was a feeling I can't describe, although not scary. More of a feeling of being one with what is.

On Saturday, John and I attended a benefit on behalf of his employer. The benefit was for The Guadalupe Schools. What we did not know before we went was that a school is being built in our area. I went through a bunch of different emotions in a tiny frame of time. Everything from, "will the traffic in our area increase" to "what will it do to the air quality" before settling in to the idea that it was already far past the planning stage and that knowing the demographics in my area the school could do a lot of good. The Guadalupe Schools teach a mostly underprivileged, non English speaking population. They have programs for children as well as English as a second language for adults in the evening. Many of the families in our area have individuals who do not speak English. Most of the time the fathers will speak English and the kids will learn to in kindergarten and first grade. Many of the adult females speak only a tiny amount of English, if any at all.

Last night Ari and I stayed up until 2 am. Ari was playing Sonic 2 on the GameCube. I watched while Ari defeated boss after boss, occasionally looking up information on the internet to help her beat them.

This afternoon, Mina and Ari and I broke open some geodes we bought at the museum on Friday. It was amazing to see all the beautiful crystals inside. We also put a Snowflake rock we bought in vinegar. We are looking forward to what will grow on it as the vinegar evaporates. I was hoping to find info to add here on them but kids are needing me. Maybe I can put that up tomorrow.

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