Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

We were up reaaallllly late last night. Cupcake Wars led to Iron Chef and then Ari had to check in on her chaos before going to bed, just normal stuff really. We learned yesterday that depending on which character and what color chao drives you give the chao they can turn in to replicas of the characters, which we are experimenting with, err Ari is actually.

Ari began her day with Sonic and checking on her chaos again. Then she and Mina decided to be "clan cats". Mina was a pink cat with pink stripes and polka dots and Ari was a blue cat. Then Ari logged in to WoW and Mina cheered her on while she did a few things. Mostly the girls were just not getting along this morning though so I suggested we head out to a park. Since we are still in the grasp of an aphid infestation, we headed to a larger park across town.

We ended up at Liberty Park which is an incredibly cool place. I figured the water features would be off but they were not. The girls had a lot of fun walking through an area known as the seven canyons. Which of course made them both really wet and reminds me that until it is freezing cold I better be keeping towels and a change of clothes for all of us in the car.

We came home, made dinner, watched a little Scooby Doo and now I think everyone is settling in for the night.

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