Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday with Mina

Mina reminds me of the characters from the Laura Numeroff books. The characters in her books are very busy moving quickly from one thing to the next. Yesterday I got out some crepe paper for her to make a craft. This craft.Which she glued together in less than 5 minutes and had moved on to the only logical thing she could move to next, dressmaking.

I think the cat next to her is relieved she is not making him a dress.As you can see, the crepe paper wrapping went on for awhile and with every color at her disposal. Then she started running around the wall between the kitchen and the livingroom yelling, "This is the longest dress ever."
Next she took scissors and carefully cut the whole dress off of herself. Making a nice pile of what she called "leaves".
So of course the only logical thing to do next is to get your mom to bury you in the leaves.
And then throw the leaves at her.Then Ari came in to the room and they decided to try and make her a dress out of the leaves.
Which did not go so well, I think crepe paper will be needed today for further clothing making.

Along with crepe paper play we also finished a catapult today- this thing took forever because I broke some of the dowels and had to find replacements.

Then we had to get out the spitballs to use with the catapult. Ari wanted to know what would happen if we rehydrated the entire bag. And this is what that looks like.

They are incredibly fun to play in and launch with the catapult. Fortunately, all of these fit in to a big plastic freezer bag where they will stay nice and hydrated until we launch them or until the girls find some other use for them. Ari wants to buy and hydrate enough to fill the bathtub and then sit in them but I don't know if we are headed that direction.


  1. Love the crepe paper and the direction it took:)

    Thanks for reminding me about the spitballs, I remember you mentioning them and totally forgot about them, I'm going to order some now, the boys think they look cool. I think it's funny on the website it says "for ages 3 and up (with parental supervision due to science)";)

  2. Thanks Misty. When you talk about Beach constantly talking it always reminds me of Mina. I need to get her in to a gym too- she is climbing everything. Julie, we hydrated some of the spitballs in orange juice and olive oil yesterday to see what would happen. Maybe I will photograph them today. Ari did keep wanting to put them in her mouth, I get it they feel really cool but I told her non-toxic does not mean they won't make you sick. They have glow in the dark ones on other sites too. Might need to get us some of those. :)