Wednesday, January 11, 2012

W=Whispering Wednesday

I have been sick for about 5 days now and am going on my third day without a voice. I can whisper very quietly and that is about it. It is a remarkable thing when you can't just do things the way you always have. I have noticed many times in the last 3 days that because I can't speak easily, I just don't, and it really has not been a problem. In fact, if I dare say so, it has been much more pleasant around here with me so quiet.

During the early part of yesterday, Ari , Mina, and I sat on the floor in the kitchen. Mina and Ari were eating pretzels and biting them so as to make the letters of the alphabet. Then, Ari decided she would take Mina in to her room with her and sent me to bed. Yep, my 9 year old sent me to bed.

I finally went in to the doctor last night and was not too surprised to find I have double ear infections. Apparently, I can't talk or hear right now. While Ari and I waited at the pharmacy for some medicine, an older gentleman started talking to us. He said something about me losing my voice and then said something to Ari about enjoying it while it lasted. Of course, as I have already said there is an element of truth to what he said but Ari was shocked by the statement. She asked me after, "Why would I ever enjoy my mom being sick?" I told her that everyone sees the world and what happens in it differently. I said I could not be sure what he was referring to without asking but that maybe he saw many kids and parents where the relationship was unequal. Where the kid was supposed to do everything the parent said and the parent used whatever means they needed to to get what they thought should be done, done. In that case, having a parent who could not yell at you would be awesome for the kid. She shrugged and we walked out of the pharmacy arm in arm, with Ari doing all the talking.

(Ari, wearing her multitude of cats shirt, some of the cats even have mustaches.)


  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear that you have double ear infections:( Hope the medicine works quickly!

    Concerning the comment that the gentleman made at the pharmacy, we had a similar experience last night at Costco. I usually take the same road you did and explain to the kids why someone might feel a particular way so they can possibly see where the person might be coming from. I sort of lost my better judgement and made a semi-rude comment to the person, but then caught myself, thanked them for ultimately letting the kids have a sample and then explained to the boys as we were walking off possible reasons the person did what they did so as not to vilify them.

  2. No worries. I am getting better. I think it is really good for them to see and hear other ways of living and looking at life. I can appreciate that this gentleman had no idea that our relationship operates so different than convention. Miss you my friend. Hopefully, we will get to see you guys soon!!