Monday, February 13, 2012

If you can't be with the one you love...

eat a cupcake. :)

John is headed to Texas tomorrow for 2 sleeps. We have been doing this travel thing for awhile now and this is the most effective way to count it out for kids. So we had our Valentine festivities this evening. No big party, just a whole lot of love.

I finished up a project I have been working on, just fast enough to hang it up for about 48 hours until I take down Valentine's and start feeling lucky.

Tomorrow is one of our 2 no screens day, two days a week we attempt to use no internet, television, or other screened device. So far, I totally love it. The kids have no clue we are even doing it which must say something about their needs being so totally met they don't miss the devices. That means I will be saying see ya later until Wednesday. Hope your love day is joyful.


  1. The wreath come out wonderful! Did you end up finding a form or did you make your own?

  2. I found a 9 inch form- I have one for you too. I thought I told you- sorry if it slipped my mind. It goes really fast except for the circle cutting- I suggest a tv or movie binge for that part.