Saturday, September 26, 2009

5 Signs you may be living with a vampire

1- Wearing glitter possibly to camouflage a sparkly complexion
2- Insatiable appetite for meat
3- Unique ability to avoid major physical harm for years on end (7 at last count)
4-Sleeping all day
5- Comes alive at 1 or midnight or some other God forsaken hour

Yes, I really did write this post at 3:03 in the morning after just finishing making a birthday present for a friend of Ari's. It was her idea and she did most of the work. I am trying to make peace with what I call our "rock star schedule". At around 12 when she and I were the only ones left up she became a different person. More talkative and inquisitive than she is during the day. I wonder if it has something to do with all the quiet surrounding her, not just in our house but everywhere. Whatever it is, I am glad I stayed up with her and helped her with her project even though I am honestly on the edge of falling asleep right her. To bed with me then!

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