Monday, February 28, 2011

These are the moments

This morning the girls and I were watching Fantasia, the original. This song was next and the narrator was giving some background information on the music and animation. If you listen to the narrator you hear him something about the difference between hope and life and; death and despair. Ari turned to me at that moment and said, "Death is nothing to be feared, it is a resting spot for your soul."

These are the moments I am the most appreciative of in our lives. The moments when I get to see that our kids are learning to think for themselves, learning to question, to build a framework of how they view the world. I often feel I am the one who is learning the most. For all the things I might be able to teach our kids, the things they are teaching me are more important.


  1. Wow! I love that:) Really puts things into perspective. Being comfortable with life itself and understanding the bigger picture is far more (in my opinion) important than learning trivial facts and worrying weather my kid can write properly or not.

  2. When I am centered, like this morning, I get that what I really want is the girls to know themselves really well. When I come from this space I have such unshakable faith in what we are doing. And funny enough when I come from this place of absolute faith, I watch the girls soak up everything in their environment, the learning is fluid and effortless, and it is a reaffirming cycle.

    So the trick is, how do I keep returning to that faith, especially when I have lost my own center. This one thing takes a constant amount of attention because I can lose my ground pretty quickly, which can lead to an opposite downward cycle.