Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ari has to have a cavity filled today. The doctor requested we give her a Valium before her visit. It took a little convincing but we wanted her to be as relaxed as possible and even though drugs in general are something we try to avoid, we felt this could make the difference between a kid who could get her dental work done and one who would fight the whole thing.

John gave her the pill and then came down the hall of our home just minutes later and said, "I would not want the kid we would get if Ari were medicated. Go look at her." She was a shell of herself. Sure she was calm and docile. But she was also so obviously numb and unengaged. I think both John and I are more appreciative than ever of who are kids are and the spirit they have.


  1. I vividly remember the same thing with Damek, looking at him in the rearview mirror of the car and this glazed look on his face. He was not the same kid. Was so glad after the work was done and the anesthesia wore off to have the real Damek back:)

    Hope everything goes well and she's not in too much pain afterwards.

  2. It was trippy. John said she did everything she was asked at the dentist, like robotically. After it was over she said it was not that bad, likes her new dentist and wants to stay with him, and does not want laughing gas next time (It made her black out and that was really scary for her)